5 Reasons to Hire A Virtual PA for Your Company

September 7, 2022

Businesses have a flexible option other than hiring a full-time Virtual PAin the form of Virtual Assistants. Businesses generally hire Virtual Assistants on a monthly package basis, only paying for the time used. Therefore, they are a more affordable option, contributing to the popularity of remote working.

Virtual Assistants or Virtual PAs frequently help several clients at once. By employing weekly reporting and paying for productive time instead of a Virtual PA, businesses may save an average of 50% more money. In addition, technology has made remote cooperation easier and has increased business awareness of the benefits of using Virtual Assistants. Here are several reasons why now the best moment is to engage a Virtual PA.

1. Increased Productivity:

Getting a Virtual Assistant to handle your daily responsibilities will provide you with more free time so you can work on the things that have a bigger impact on your bottom line. This may seem like a more obvious point, but it bears repeating.

Too many business owners allow themselves to become mired in activities that, while somewhat necessary, don't advance their companies. Effective outsourcing can help you free up time because there are only so many hours in the day.

2. The Economical Replacement Is Virtual PA:

The benefits of using a PA are widely recognised and engrained in the principles of the sector. Full-time employees can, however, be costly. Along with wage payments, you will also be required to contribute to NI, pensions, office supplies, and other expenses.

One of the key benefits of utilising a Virtual Assistant is not having to pay an annual salary but rather a monthly package. As a result, your risk is reduced and you have a shorter commitment.

3. Provides You with Flexibility as A Company:

Finding the right staff and profitability balance will always be difficult for growing businesses. Without the long-term employment commitment, Virtual Assistants provide organisations with a flexible alternative to meeting their administrative obligations. They typically work under contracts, so there is no additional cost associated with recruiting. For instance, you are exempt from paying:

  • Recruiting expenses
  • PAYE
  • Holidays/Sickness leave
  • Pauses for coffee or downtime

4. Scale Up or Down Your Package:

Your ability to scale your monthly package up or down with a Virtual Assistant will allow you to manage the peaks and troughs effectively. To guarantee that your Virtual Assistant can efficiently handle their workload, it is advised to give them plenty of advance notice before any scaling.

5. Pay Only for A Reasonable Time:

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the average employee works 8.8 hours daily. However, most individuals aren't working for most of their time at work, according to a study involving about 2,000 employees.

You pay for valuable time when you hire a Virtual PA. Why does this matter? You only pay for the 45 minutes of work if it takes a Virtual PA 45 minutes to write the minutes of your next meeting. Before you know it, your Virtual PA completes more administrative tasks for far less money.


These are the5 reasons to hire a Virtual PA for your company. Now, if you are searching for a nice firm to get a Virtual PA for yourself, don't worry; Virtual PA London is always here to serve you. So, contact Virtual PA London today.