8 Steps to Choose a Virtual Personal Assistant in London

October 3, 2019

As a booming business owner, you know you can't do it all yourself. You understand that your time has to focus on activities that grow your business and generate income. Entrusting your administrative work to a virtual assistant makes it easy to get the amount of support you need without having to hire internal staff. A virtual personal assistant in London is a professional expert who partners with clients in continuous and collaborative business relationships.


Obviously, you want to find a virtual personal assistant in London with whom you can work well and whose personality and style are compatible with yours. You also want to know if it is a competent, professional, receptive person who is easy to work with.

When Contacting, Take Note of These Clues:

Do you answer your questions in a timely manner?

Do you answer the phone professionally?

Do you follow exactly what was promised?


Not only do you want a virtual personal assistant in London that can provide superior service, but you also want someone who makes business sense. It will be essential to help you with your business. During the consultation, you should as the virtual assistant to provide you the below mentioned information:

Meaningful time reviewing your needs, goals, and challenges.

A clear overview of how you work with customers

The support provided by the company and what it does not provide

What are your values and expectations to work together?

Discussion about rates.

Personal and Professional Qualities

Listen to the signs that tell you that it is someone you can trust. The professionalism with which the virtual assistant manages your business is directly related to the way in which you will manage your work and your business relationship. Some things you should pay attention to include:

Does it ask many questions about you and your business? Are those questions intelligent and useful? This demonstrates an expert's understanding that this information must be obtained before she can determine how she can help.

Are you confident and sure of yourself? This tends to indicate someone who is competent, well informed and proactive in their support.

Do you feel comfortable talking to her and inspire confidence?

It has to fit well on a personal level before anything works at the business level.

Skills and Experience

The virtual personal assistant profession expects those who enter their ranks to have at least five years of administrative experience in the real world. That said, it is an unregulated industry and although industry leaders work determinedly to promote high standards. Anyone can create a website and call themselves a virtual assistant, including those with little or no qualifications or skills to meet the demands of your real and important business needs. Asking some of the questions below will help you separate the difference between just any virtual assistant and a professional virtual personal assistant in London:

What was your professional experience before working as a virtual assistant?

How many years of executive experience do you have?

How would you change your skill level with _____? (You can ask this in reference to certain software skills or competencies in relation to the specific support you need.)

What kind of work do you do and what software do you usually use with customers? If you looking for the best virtual personal assistant in London, CLICK HERE.