Benefits of Hiring an Efficient Virtual Assistant in London

July 16, 2020

Times have changed and so has the working culture! The terms, ‘FREELANCER’ or ‘WORK FROM HOME’ don’t receive that frowning forehead that it used to. A part-time freelancer is much more dedicated and committed to the work given than any usual full time employed individual. This has immensely shot up the requirement for an efficient virtual assistant for official tasks. We are finding that many people are starting to believe and trust virtual services.

There are numerous tasks that an efficient virtual assistant can complete for yours:

  • Secretarial Duties
  • Database Assortment
  • Spread Sheets
  • Data Entry
  • Translation
  • Graphic Design
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Content Creation
  • Editing And Proofreading
  • Marketing On Social Handles
  • Payroll/ Account Management
  • Travelling Assortments
  • Bookings And Ticketing

Depending upon the skills and qualifications, this list of task increases – every client we work with have a bespoke tasks list. Give us a call and we will discuss the tasks in which you require assistance with and will match you with an efficient Virtual Assistant in London.

What Makes Hiring An Efficient Virtual Assistant A Beneficial Move?

Nothing trends without positive impact and our virtual service has its beeline of advantages and benefits.

  • Hiring An Efficient Virtual Assistant Drastically Reduces The Costs

Just imagine the salary that you are paying to your full-time employee along with all the added perks and benefits like medical benefits, taxes, sick days, compensation, and other charges. Virtual PA London will save you approx. 70% of a FTE.

  • You Get Increased Flexibility With An Efficient Virtual Assistant

If you work with a freelancer, you are not bounded with the time and you are not saddled to working on specific working days only. It’s an altogether different work time zone. You can streamline the work project and determine the work hours that would be required and hire a PA just for the specific time used. Any holidays or non-working days are not a barrier when working with a freelancer PA service.

  • Best Idea For A New Start-Up

You may be a new company and unsure of your future operations.  In such a scenario, hiring a permanent employee could be a risk and a money erosional drive. Have you considered hiring an efficient Virtual Assistant to give a push to your workload?

Work With The Best Team In London!

Virtual PA London has an exceptional team of efficient Virtual Assistants who can assist you with freelancing assistance in your company. We have many daily clients and have worked on elite projects. Our website can give you a detailed insight about our team and the help offered. If you are looking for an efficient Virtual Assistant, please do give us a call or pop us an email.