Here Is Why You Should Hire A Virtual Personal Assistant

August 26, 2021

Virtual Personal Assistants are contract workers who perform admin tasks which are generally performed by Executive Assistants or Secretaries. A Virtual Personal Assistant operates from remote locations and offers support to an organisation as they need it. You can hire a Virtual Personal Assistant with the flexibility to contract as per the services you need.

Your Virtual Personal Assistant may assist you on various jobs such as social media, content management, bookkeeping, blog writing, graphic designing and e-marketing.

What is a Virtual Personal Assistant?

A Virtual Personal Assistant is a freelancer who provides administrative services to your organisation while operating remotely. They have access to the necessary planning documents, such as shared calendars, etc, to take care of several admin tasks like scheduling appointments, managing phone calls, making travel arrangements and managing email accounts, etc. They are quite experienced as an administrative assistant or office manager.

Who Should Hire A Virtual Personal Assistant?

If you run a small and medium business and you are on a budget, you may hire a Virtual Personal Assistant. Having virtual employees will help you reduce operational expenses. As the Virtual Personal Assistant works offsite, they do not need a workstation at the company's office. As they are independent contractors, your organisation will not have to provide all other benefits or pay the same taxes as full-time employees.

Virtual Personal Assistant Qualifications

There are no well-defined, hard-and-fast educational requirements or skill sets required to become a Virtual Personal Assistant as it depends on the employer’s needs. But they should be technically sound so that they are able to use the latest online team collaborative tools.

Benefits of a Virtual Personal Assistant

The advantage of hiring a Virtual Personal Assistant is the flexible contract as per service requirements. Depending on the agreement terms, you may pay them by the task rather than by the hour. By hiring them, small business owners can free up valuable working hours to focus more on running the business more efficiently. You can make better use of your employees as it will be easy and cost-effective to outsource a few tedious and time-consuming tasks to someone skilled in them. You may also save the training costs required for regular employees by hiring a Virtual Personal Assistant.

How to Hire a Virtual Personal Assistant?

You may hire a Virtual Personal Assistant through web-based companies like Virtual PA London. We act as intermediaries between employers and contractors. You may contact us and let us know your requirements and we will provide you with the best match to suit your organisational requirements.

Special Considerations

Before hiring a Virtual Personal Assistant, you must discuss the tasks they need to perform in detail. This reduces the risk of misunderstandings that can happen in a remote working setup.


By hiring a Virtual Personal Assistant, business owners, executives and entrepreneurs can outsource their time-consuming tasks, saving their time and money. Virtual Personal Assistants can accomplish tasks handled by multiple employees. By hiring a Virtual Personal Assistant, you can save up to 78% on operating costs each year.

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