How Can A Virtual PA Add Value To Your Organisation

May 27, 2022

A Virtual PA is an employee who offers remote support to businesses and helps in optimising daily operations. A Virtual PA generally works from home and helps you and your business with administrative tasks, usually on a part-time basis. They can help you with tasks like setting up meetings, making phone calls, planning trips, and organising emails. They usually work as an independent staff. However, some businesses hire them to work from home full-time and meet their business requirements.

Companies of all sizes and in many different fields can hire Virtual PAs and optimise their daily operational activities. Let us discuss the benefits of hiring a Virtual PA.

Virtual PAs have no set tasks and their responsibilities vary based on the company that hires them. Here are a few of the most common job roles of a Virtual PA:

Personal Assistant

In addition to their regular responsibilities, a Virtual PA can aid with tasks in different verticals of your business. Be it checking your email and sorting them on the basis of priority, taking phone calls for you, or managing your daily calendar and a Virtual PA can help you optimise your daily activities. The best part is that they can also perform tasks outside of daily organisational work, such as planning vacations, keeping a calendar, buying gifts for friends and family, etc.

Administrative Work

You may hire a Virtual PA for administrative tasks. They can schedule meetings, book flight tickets, organise your calendar, attend phone calls and perform many such daily repetitive tasks. You must discuss your requirements before hiring a Virtual PA. 

Customer Service

A Virtual PA can be the initial point of contact for clients searching for help with issues or an avenue for feedback for businesses that offer a product or service. Virtual Assistants can help with routine issues or provide tutorials to customers. They can escalate a customer's issue to the relevant person within the organisation if they are unable to assist them.

Social Media Management

While many businesses see the value of online interaction with potential consumers or clients, the duties of social media administration might feel insurmountable at times. A Virtual PA can not only answer comments and communicate with followers on different social media channels, but they can also keep track of publishing schedules and analyse account statistics based on the engagement of your target audience. 

Data Entry Task

Most organisations require data entry and data management on an optimal level. A Virtual PA can handle a wide range of activities, including data entry and report management. A Virtual PA can easily compile data, verify the accuracy and eliminate unnecessary entries. 


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