How Can a Virtual PA Help You Manage Your Calendar More Efficiently

September 10, 2020

To get productive, you must allocate sufficient hours to manage your tasks that contribute directly to your bottom line. Limited hours in a single day makes time highly valuable. For most professionals and entrepreneurs, 8-9 hours per day is not adequate to get their workload completed. The actual truth is, you can get productive even with fewer than 8 hours of work in a single day. Everything comes down to how your calendar is managed. The best way to do this is to hire a dedicated assistance at Virtual PA London. 

A Virtual PA is an individual who is contracted for managing multiple tasks. As the word 'Virtual' implies, this means your assistantwill work remotely online from any location (with amazing Wi-Fi) and will help you in becoming more efficient. 

Why do our clients hire a dedicated Virtual PA to manage their calendar(s) and how do they help address such activities?

Running an organization means accomplishing several jobs in a single day. One can categorize such organizational tasks into 2: non-value functions and value functions. 

Non-value refers to activities that directly are not related to the primary enterprise of the organization. However, such actions are similarly crucial to keep business running and stable as core activities. Non-value activities for an organization typically involve: 

  • Back office support such as Human Resources,Accounts etc. 
  • Administrative taskssuch ascall handling, email filtering, and appointment setting. 
  • Technical activities such as Customer Services, Social Media Marketing, Research, and Promotions. 

The value function is all the activities that are related directly to the leading enterprise of the organization. In case you are a business coach or consultant, your value functions would involve the listed activities: 

  • Meeting with prospects and clients
  • Providing consultation
  • Reviewing business analytics
  • Attending business forums, trade shows, and networking events
  • Conducting workshops and seminars

Add More Power to You by Freeing Up Time

If your Virtual PA manages your non-value activities, you will get sufficient time to take care of your value activities. Generally, non-value activities take valuable time and do not allow you to attend those tasks that require instant attention. Non-value action, such as email filtering alone, takes away a number of hours from your week. Similarly, attending to invoices and setting appointments is another set of activities that fall in the non-value genre, which takes away plenty of time. While such actions are called non-essential or non-value, they are equally as important as core activities. However, their problem is that they consume a lot of time. Time is highly valuable= time management is key! 


One of the best ways to manage your time is to hire a dedicated Virtual PA who can easily organise your non-value and value activities within your calendar. This would not only make your life more simpler, it will help your Virtual PAmanage their time more efficiently.