How Does Virtual Personal Assistant Help in Driving Business Value

April 29, 2021

With the evolution of Virtual Personal Assistant services, you can now meet your business requirements easily and business procedures do not require a long time. The pain striking process of training employees has become outdated as all the virtual employees come pre-trained. Moreover, a Virtual Personal Assistant shows higher work efficiency and yields results that are more productive. All of these come with great advancements in technology and numerous people opting for remote and home-based career opportunities.


The establishment of Virtual Assistant Services hardly requires any extra cost and hassle, unlike those of permanent or contract-based employees. Often it happens that companies are not in a position to hire permanent employees and this is when hiring virtual permanent assistants come as a bonus. The services afforded by the personal assistants include cost efficiency and transparency as they take charges depending on the usage. 

Reduction in Business Costs

One of the primary reasons why your business requires employing Virtual Assistants is cutting down on the business costs. Hiring and deploying Virtual Assistants is far more cost-effective and hassle-free than a contract based or permanent employee. You will need to pay the assistants only for the tasks they perform or for hours they work. Through Virtual Assistants, companies have greater chances of saving operational and infrastructural costs. Statistics proved that you could save up to 40% of the business costs.

Enhanced Focused on Core Tasks

A Virtual Personal Assistant can effectively handle business development projects. Employ them for following up on the sales leads and drawing engagements. They help in cost cutting by searching for reasonable suppliers and providing you with alternatives to purchase. They are the best solution through which you can maximise your time and funds for expanding your business.

Efficient Use of Workforce

Companies today still struggle with the misconception that Virtual Assistants are responsible for answering phone calls and addressing customer queries. However, the concept of customer support has now become vast and encompasses diverse responsibilities. Employing a Virtual Personal Assistant allows companies to free up an employee and utilise his or her skills for other business-related tasks.


When you decide to work with a Virtual Personal Assistant, it means you can select any assistant available in London. With the advancement in modern technologies, you are not bound to work with the assistants present in your geographical location. You can surely expand your radius, which infers that you can have thousands of Virtual Personal Assistants as options.

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