How To Export Your LinkedIn Contacts (And Import Them Into Gmail)

September 10, 2020

Exporting your LinkedIn contacts data can be super helpful if you’re looking to add their information to your Gmail contacts. You may even simply want an excel sheet of contacts and their email addresses so that this information is easily available to you for the future. In this day and age, having good connections and contacts is extremely important for business. This can help you to expand your business opportunities, market to a wider audience, and build lasting trust amongst your customer base. 

In this article, we will be going over how to export your LinkedIn contacts (with screenshots to help you), and how to add these contacts into Gmail. 

How To Export Your LinkedIn Contacts


First, you will need to click the dropdown arrow next to ‘Me’ in the top bar on your LinkedIn page. Next, click on ‘Settings & Privacy’. 

click on linkedin settings & privacy


This should open a new window. Ensure that you are clicked on the ‘Privacy’ tab. Then, click on ‘How LinkedIn uses your data’ on the left hand side toolbar. 

click on linkedin data


Click on ‘Get a copy of your data’. This will open a drop-down section. 

get a copy of your linkedin data


Here you can select which data you would like to export. In this case, we would suggest clicking on ‘Connections’ (but you can, of course, download as much of this data as you would like). Next, click ‘Request archive’. When you click this, you will be required to enter your password. 

click connections


Once the download is ready, you will receive an email. (This can take about 10 minutes). Make sure to check the ‘Socials’ tab of your inbox, as the email may have gone there. Open the email, and click on ‘download it with this link’. This will open a new tab.

download data archive


Click on ‘Download archive’. The download will begin, and once complete you will be able to open your CSV file to view the data. 

download archive

How To Import Your LinkedIn Contacts Into Gmail


Open Gmail. Open ‘Contacts’ by navigating to the four dots at the top right hand corner of your inbox, and then clicking on Contacts. This will open a new tab.

open gmail contacts


Next, click on ‘Import contacts’ either in the middle of the page, or in the left toolbar of the page. 

import contacts


Select the CSV file containing your LinkedIn contact data. Once you have selected this, your LinkedIn connections will begin to appear in your Gmail contacts.

And there you have it! Your LinkedIn contacts are now truly yours! Make sure you check out our other articles for more great tips