How To Save Time With Smartphone Shortcuts

July 1, 2020

Many of us are probably guilty of spending way too much time on our smartphones. When it comes to business, we could probably do with saving some of this time to focus our attention on more important things. In this article, we will be going through some of our favourite ways that you can customise the settings on your smartphone. Tap less, get more done!

Set Up Self-Expanding Abbreviations

One of our favourite smartphone shortcuts is self-expanding abbreviations. This super simple little tool allows you to set up personalised abbreviations which, when typed, expand into longer expressions. This helps to save you time from typing certain things which you find yourself repeatedly typing. For example: you could set up an abbreviation which turns ‘addr’ into your full street address, or ‘ph’ into your telephone number! Super handy! Take a look through the steps below to find out how you can do this:

Use Voice Assistance

Another one of our favourite smartphone shortcuts to help us save time is voice assistance and customised automations. I’m sure we are all familiar with ‘Siri’ and other tools of the sort. But you can actually now set up your own personalised voice commands to get your smartphone to carry out the most specific functions! Follow these steps to set up your own customised voice commands:

Make Home Screen Bookmarks

Another brilliant smartphone shortcut that helps to save you time is home screen bookmarks! This is super simple, yet so helpful! This feature allows you to create bookmarked ‘app’ icons on the home screen of your smartphone which will take you directly to any website you set it to - with just one quick tap! This is much easier than repeatedly searching in your browser for the same sites over and over again. Follow these quick steps to create your own home screen bookmarks:

Customise Your Controls

I’m sure anyone with an iPhone knows that you can swipe up/down from the screen (depending on which iPhone model you have) to reveal a control centre of various settings. Well, you can actually customise these settings too! This ensures that the controls most important to you are featured there. For example, you could remove a control that you use very infrequently - maybe... the torch? Or, you could add in a control that would be much more beneficial, such as the ‘notes’ app. We love using this feature to help save us more time on our smartphones. Follow these steps to customise the control centre on your iPhone: