Increase Business Sales Hiring Virtual Marketing Manager

October 28, 2021

If the spinal cord of any business is sales, then the heart of the business is marketing. Different businesses success story depends on a comprehensive marketing strategy and an experienced, skilled and efficient marketing team. Many of you might have an old school thought that possessing an in-house marketing team, staff or employee, recruiting full-time marketing managers is a wiser decision. But, being a business owner, you must make cost-effective decisions. This will, in turn, reduce your business maintenance cost and you will be able to earn a bit more money in the form of profit or as revenue.

Employing a full-time Marketing Manager is an expensive proposition. Apart from paying a full-time salary, you have to incur various other expenses of that particular employee in your company. On the contrary, hiring a Virtual Marketing Manager will be a great way to save money and provide your marketing department with the workforce it requires.

Marketing Targets

Without extensive marketing, your company or organisation might suffer huge losses, will fail to meet company goals and may get crashed within a small period. Marketing builds brand awareness among consumers, holistically targets and increases sales, engages customers, develops loyal customers and creates a healthy customer base in the industry. Your marketing strategy must include the following six goals:

•             Inform

•             Equalise

•             Sustain

•             Engage

•             Sells

•             Growth

And with the advancement of technology, you can make more profit by appointing a Virtual Marketing Manager than recruiting a full-timer. You can save money on your office space, broaden your business scope, get over the clock marketing support and enjoy productive, flexible working hours.

Virtual Marketing

With the rising impact of e-business, the emerging smartphone population and e-commerce marketplaces hiring a Virtual Marketing Manager will give your company an effective internet marketing plan in place.

Not only that, but you can also keep your company away from lobbying, office gossips and you do not need to pay any fixed salary rather work on flexible working hours to grab the attention of online customers, creating two-way tagged communication, personalise your audience's experiences etc.

Virtual marketing management will help you with the following:

  • Target audience research
  • Competitor research calling prospective reach
  • Follow up calls
  • Social media management
  • CRM database management
  • Conducting customer surveys
  • Conducting keyword research
  • Running e-mail marketing campaigns
  • Blog management
  • Responding to customer queries on social media
  • Handling basic SEO
  • Increase business efficiency
  • Provide round the clock support
  • Saves time on induction training
  • Provides affordable services
  • Incurs no office expenses
  • Increase business hours 
  • Converts leads

Hire the best Virtual Marketing Manager from Virtual PA London to get such eclectic services for managing your business. And, you can focus on core business productivity along with making brand-savvy customers and bringing business growth.


Many companies can provide Virtual Marketing Managers, but Virtual PA London is among those few who possess experienced and internationally qualified Marketing Assistants trained to cater service for the particular type of industry. Contact us today to know more and hire a Virtual Marketing Manager.