Know about Our Professional Services at Virtual PA in London

September 3, 2020

Various organisations have numerous working requirements. Few may require assistance with managing events whilst others might be running short of branded social media handling. No matter what assistance you require for your working requirements, Virtual PA London can assist you. The idea of having a Virtual PA in London isn’t new as it has gained enough momentum owing to 2 factors: 

  • Cost Savings
  • Flexible Working Solutions

Where major organisations are at a lookout for cost reductions, Virtual PA London has come up with a highly fruitful idea – providing flexible support at a reasonable cost. 

However, before undertaking this idea, one of the biggest challenges that our business has witnessed is selecting a perfect fit for the role.

So Why Wait? Call Us Today!

Virtual PA Londonhave a selective group of skilled and qualified assistants. We try every possible course of action to attain our goal of satisfying clients with highly rated performance. We cover consumers across Europe, UK, Australia, Middle East, and presently hold a 97% client retention record. Since launching in the year 2017, we are servicing various industries and numerous domains. Today, we can proudly state that we are a No. 1 organisation when it comes to hiring remote support for your team.

From inbox & diary management to creating PowerPoint presentations; we will assist you professionally so that you can focus on your core job and delivering = profits.

Some of the Services We Offer:

Diary Management

Do not worry about scheduling appointments or managing your calendar. When you partner with Virtual PA London, we effectively and efficiently streamline all your appointments, engagements, and various other commitments, so that every aspect of the job is taken care of perfectly. 


Do you have any travel requirements? Perhaps booking a ticket or some accommodation? Your efficient Virtual PA in London can do it for you after thorough observation & research and get you the best deal possible.

Social Media Handling

Not everyone is excellent at developing digital recognition and managing an online reputation. Hence, you might require external assistance for the same. Our top-class skilled team takes charge of all social media handles & post contents, which are relevant as and when needed. We also provide significant assistance in building better customer relationship that goes a right long way to bring your company a good light. 

Event Management Perhaps your company requires throwing a party or arranging corporate meet ups now and then. Here, we can be of great assistance as we lookout for a good event planner so that your event becomes a success. With venue booking, catering, arranging of gifts, and various other event needs, we guarantee you our full support.