Know the Duties and Responsibilities of Home Assistant London

November 28, 2019

Home Assistantis a trustworthy person whose mission is to give administrative and personal support to those who need it. The main function is to help their employers to make better use of their time by delegating operational tasks, which, well defined, can be executed with good results.

What Does A Home Assistant Do?

The main activity of a Home Assistant London is to manage a large part of the workload of a person, a group, or a work team. These may be linked to personal or work activities. By delegating operational functions to a personal assistant, the employer can free himself from tedious tasks that consume his time and distract him from what is really important.

Among the activities that can be delegated to a Home Assistant London are the following:

1. Review and order email inboxes

2. Book hotels or plane tickets, or prepare complete travel itineraries

3. Organize documents

4. Update databases

5. Follow up on proposals for clients or supplier quotes

6. Search information and documentation

7. Attending phones and emails

8. Manage agendas

9. Make online or physical purchases

10. Issue invoices and track payment

Functions of A Home Assistant

If you are an entrepreneur, freelancer, have your own business, or manage some area, a Home Assistant London basically helps you optimize your time. By delegating operational tasks, you gain more hours to grow your business, being able to focus on the most important tasks for your business, such as attending meetings with prospects or developing marketing strategies. Likewise, you also free time to recover your personal life and dedicate those extra hours to your family, friends, hobbies, or personal activities that you had relegated for doing the job.

How Can A Home Assistant Help an Entrepreneur?

If you are an industrialist or a freelancer or have your own business, a personal assistant can help you in the following areas:


• A reminder of important dates

• Agenda Organization

• Trip scheduling (itineraries, quotes, air tickets, etc.)

• Virtual or face-to-face purchases

• Reservation of taxis

• Reminder and payments

• Research and completion of procedures


• Event organization

• Telephone and email service

• Organization of mail trays and replies

• Meeting room reservation

• Travel or transport reservation

• Reminder and payments

• Database Update

Human Resources:

• Sending and receiving CVs

• Publication and follow-up of proposals

• Filtering of CVs according to specifications

• Invitation to job interviews

• Sending mass mail


• Database Update

• Follow up proposals

• Support for presentations

• Contact email and chat service

• Telephone service

This is a shortlist of all the tasks that a home assistant in London could perform and assist you in the most professional way so as to make your work function to its optimum level. The list of the task performed by home assistantsin London is infinite. So, if you need to hire a home assistant in London, discuss with them your requirements beforehand.

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