When Is the Right Time to Hire A Chief of Staff?

September 28, 2022

A Chief of Staff keeps tabs on how each company's department runs daily and then produces reports for the CEO. In addition, the Chief of Staff keeps an eye on interdepartmental interactions and ensures that the larger business model is followed in all facets of the company.

The Chief of Staff must handle ongoing projects in each department of the company and convene the necessary meetings to fulfil this function and directly contribute to the CEO's strategic objectives. The main objective is to ensure that daily operations function to meet quarterly and annual goals.

Job Role and Responsibility of a Chief of Staff

  • Reporting directly to the CEO on the organisation's operations
  • Providing advice as necessary
  • Directing each department that makes up the company
  • Monitoring the tasks given to each department
  • Ensuring that the CEO's office's goals are being attained
  • In charge of the hiring process
  • Strategic planning in the lead
  • Ensuring that any staff-related issues are handled properly

When Should Hire A Chief of Staff

The demands on the CEO's time increase as a company expands. Expansion opportunities might appear at any time and the urge to scale up is frequently felt suddenly. As a result, the CEO must spend many hours each day focusing on moving the company's strategic goal forward and capturing growth opportunities due to competing demands such as managing people, attending meetings, and engaging with customers, partners, and investors, among other responsibilities.

Even though the CEO hires senior staff to oversee some business functions, the various demands on their time remain constant. Meetings are postponed and lose their effectiveness. We all miss deadlines. Project approval requests come from department heads, but unread emails contain unread proposals. Despite the company's increased talent, the CEO can still not offer their top priorities the time and undivided attention they require, nor can they provide their staff with the response they require to successfully manage their respective departments.

Benefits of Hiring A Chief of Staff

  • Save Time

Most Executives who have employed a Chief of Staff claim that it helped them find 25% and 50% more time. Additionally, they can accomplish more in the remaining time. A Chief of Staff not only relieves you of your daily duties but also develops and implements systems and processes that allow you to spend more time focusing.

  • Improve the Flow of Information

An experienced Chief of Staff will substantially improve the information flow between departments. Additionally, they will enhance communication between the rest of your workers, your senior management team, and yourself. Your Chief of Staff will build connections across your organisation, enabling them to provide accurate and objective opinions. You'll also discover that your Chief of Staff could become one of your most reliable advisors as they have no connections to any department.

  • Make Better Decisions

An accomplished Chief of Staff will assist in directing and putting your company's aims and key results procedure into action. As a result, you'll be better able to consider crucial decisions with more time and knowledge. Additionally, your Chief of Staff will be a competent and trustworthy advisor for challenging judgments because they are as familiar with your company as you are.

  • Cut Costs

A good Chief of Staff will pinpoint problem areas and take corrective action. For instance, your Chief of Staff may advise establishing a contractor management solution or vendor management system if your business is manually paying invoices and onboarding 1099 workers (VMS). By switching to a VMS or a freelancer management system, your team may find pre-vetted talent across departments, cut direct costs caused by overpayments and late fees and reduce the number of person-hours required for these manual processes.


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