When Is the Right Time to Hire an Office Manager?

November 17, 2022

Especially for a start-up in its early stages, hiring an Office Manager sounds like a luxury. But when your business expands and the cost of recruiting employees becomes more affordable, you must hire an Office Manager to ease the work burden and focus more on other essential aspects of the business.

When to hire an Office Manager depends greatly on your company and how it is set up. Therefore, there is no clear-cut solution to this question. For many Entrepreneurs, you're not hiring an Office Manager because you feel too at ease handling things on your own.

What Is The Role Of An Office Manager?

Depending on where they work and the demands of your company, Office Managers may have a variety of job descriptions. However, most of their duties will be administrative tasks, which demand excellent organisation and keeping your business running efficiently. For example, this could entail scheduling employees, maintaining schedules, booking travel, procuring office supplies, etc.

Office Managers frequently relieve you and other team members of chores so they can concentrate on other duties, allowing everyone to accomplish more. As we previously stated, there is no set threshold for annual profit, number of employees, or any other factor that inherently denotes the requirement for an Office Manager. A few warning indicators to look out for may suggest that it's time to begin the search for the ideal employee. However, they will vary depending on the company.

Executives Spending a Lot of Time Doing Administrative Tasks

Executives and other high-performing, specialised employees must focus on important matters for the company. Whether it's sales, decision-making, or anything else, they must put all their work and productivity into company-sustaining responsibilities.

Twenty minutes of administrative work a day can overwhelm anyone. If this happens, appoint an Office Manager, especially if tasks merge or squander time or resources. Unless administrative activities are their main responsibility, no one should spend more than 10% of their time on them.

Hiring New Employees

The more the company expands, the more confusion there is. This is true even in a workplace that functions like a well-tuned machine and has the most dependable staff. Initially, it may be effective to divide up the job among a few important players, but the more staff members, customers, and projects you have, the more is at risk.

A classic indication that an Office Manager might be needed is scaling back in size. The Office Manager might be a good addition the next time you consider adding a new group of workers (even if it's simply two or more). They can assist you in maintaining order.

Unorganised Operations in Your Company

Your company will eventually grow to the point where critical administrative functions will start to deteriorate if they are not assigned to a single person. Sometimes this occurs due to confusion over who is responsible for the task or because employees are overworked, and the work is carried out inconsistently.

Internal chaos may sink a ship more quickly than you imagine, so if this is a problem you're having, you need to hire someone immediately to address it because it will become a full-time job.

You Can Easily Cover the Cost of an Office Manager

If you can afford an Office Manager, you may be ready to hire one for your business. Office Managers cost money, but they also boost productivity. They'll help your money-making team make more, but their position won't immediately improve profit.


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