Why Should You Hire A Team Assistant For Your Organisation?

September 21, 2022

An employee's role as a Team Assistant is to handle administrative tasks so that other team members can concentrate on their assigned projects. Team Assistants can schedule client meetings, plan internal team gatherings, and notify team members of approaching deadlines under the direct supervision of team leaders. They maintain track of project costs and purchase receipts, entering those figures into an accounting application or spreadsheet. When inventories are low, a Team Assistant must also order supplies and goods.

Job Role Of A Team Assistant

Team Assistants require certain skills to perform their tasks with effectiveness. Interpersonal skills, team management, organisational skills, writing skills are some. While hiring a candidate for the Team Assistant role, you must look for someone with experience in the field. Those with experience in Executive Assistant or Account Manager roles can do good in managing Team Assistant roles. Here is what a Team Assistant can do for your organisation:

  • Perform Tasks To Help Team Members With Additional Time

A Team Assistant helps relieve some of the work volumes from their colleagues, freeing them up to work on other projects, respond to client requests and perform more specialised tasks. They can also help you make travel arrangements, get visas and prepare an itinerary for the trip to make your travel time convenient.

  • Perform Administrative Duties

A Team Assistant typically assists with administrative duties that don't need much supervision. But to fulfil deadlines and finish tasks on time, this extra Administrative Assistance is essential as it will free up time and space for other team members, which they can utilise on other tasks for an effective output.

  • Schedule Appointments With Clients

A Team Assistant can help you schedule appointments with clients, ensure they have received all necessary documentation and notification, and be present at the scheduled date and time. Team Assistants can help both parties to attend meetings without worrying about scheduling or managing them.

  • Plan Internal Team Meetings And Coordinate With All

Team Assistants can also help your business with high levels of efficiency by planning internal team meetings, creating schedules of key team members, and informing each one of them to meet their timelines and schedules.

  • Managing Business Data And Sorting Them For Further Usage

Other duties of a Team Assistant also include organising electronic data, making copies, running errands, creating paperwork, and sorting emails as per their importance and requirements.

  • Managing Conference Calls And Other Events

A Team Assistant can manage team meetings, conference calls, and other communication between parties for an effective organisational output. They also help you with planning for an office event and executing it with optimal efficiency.

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