Hire This Virtual PA Team in London with a 100% Client Retention Rate

July 2, 2020

Different businesses have different needs! Some may need help with event management, while others may be running short of enough social media handling! Whatever may be your office requirements, you can always call for external help. The concept of a Virtual PA in London is not new but it has gained momentum recently due to two major factors:

  • Flexible Schedule
  • Money Saviour

Where the major companies are looking for major cost-reduction measures, Virtual PA concept has come up as a fruitful choice! It has been proven that hiring a virtual help for just 2 hours is as efficient as having a full-time PA at your office. And that too at a fraction of costs!

Now the next challenge comes in the form of choosing the perfect fit for your company! Here we are up with a fantastic reference that has taken London by storm. The work quality, the costs, the benefits provided is all par excellence and there is hardly any eminent business house that has not approached the team for its efficient help.

Meet Us!

We are Virtual PA London, a team of qualified and skilled assistants who leave no stone unturned to satisfy our clients with our outstanding performance! We serve clients all over the UK, Europe, Middle-East and Australia and boast of 100% client retention records. Started in 2017, we have been serving different industries and different domains. We can proudly say that we are the No.1 company when it comes to hiring an out-house PA for your organization.

Our Services

Diary Management

Don’t worry about schedule management or inbox management when you collaborate with us. We efficiently streamline your appointments, inbox filtering, engagements, and other commitments.

Social Media Handles

Not all are a pro at developing digital identity and managing Online Reputation. So you may need external help with it! Our skilled team takes charge of all your social media handles and post relevant content as or when required. We help you build better customer relations online that goes a long way in favour of your company.


Have any travel requirements? Need to book tickets or sort out accommodation? We do that for you after rigorous research and observation.

Event Management

 A corporate house needs to throw parties or arrange for corporate meets every now and then. So if you are looking for a great event planner to make your event a success, let us help you with that. We guarantee you total support with catering, venue booking, gifts, and other event requirements.

Document Control

If you need a reliable help to organize your data, make relevant data entries, book-keeping, managing meeting agenda and minutes or creating a powerful PowerPoint presentation, the team of Virtual PA London is there with all its gathered skills!

Apart from this, if you require any other Ad-Hoc services from our team just discuss it with our experts and we will try our best to oblige! You can contact us on our website or can place a Call at 02032874666