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July 9, 2020

Freelancing is a popular concept and people prefer hiring freelancers rather than full-time employees. Hiring an Online Personal Assistant Service in London is the most common thing for business companies. The flexibility of support, reduced fees, and timings are the prime beneficial reasons behind the gained popularity of Virtual PA Services.

Who Can Provide Help?

When it comes to depending on virtual support, it is always suggested to associate with the best in the industry. With so many companies providing the same services in and around London, your market research skills can only help you choose the best among all. One of the most popular companies here in the UK is Virtual PA London.  We not only provide a great support system with different kinds of administrative work for your company, but we also take care of your other personal requirements and provide you a host of services at a reasonable cost.

Meet Us and Our Team

Virtual PA London was founded under the leadership of Hannah Collins and Jessica Gray.  With an enormous amount of knowledge and experience in the field, our mentors came up with this establishment in 2017. The sole aim of the company is to provide valuable services to theclients at a cost-effective price.  Virtual PA London have ateam of trained and skilled professionals working throughout core business hours to ensure our client requirements are fulfilled. Our team work as Virtual Assistants and can be easily contacted over telephone, email, Zoom, WhatsApp (whichever method works best for our clients). You are provided with a dedicatedPersonal Assistant of your choice following interviews with at least two candidates – your Personal Assistant will carry out all tasks upon your behalf.

Our Services

The motto of our company is to provide you with a qualityOnline Personal Assistant Service in London so that you can focus on corebusiness responsibilities. The major aspects of a business like profit-making, business planning can only be conducted by you if you are free from lesser important daily chores / non-value-added tasks. Time to leave your business administration to us – our Online Personal Assistant Service in Londonwill provide you with the following tasks #VIRTUALPALONDON:

  • Personal Assistant
  • Marketing
  • Human Resources
  • Finance