Virtual HR Manager: Why Do You Need One Today for Your Business?

September 30, 2021

As a small business owner, you probably think your organisation does not require any HR department or Virtual HR Manager. If you recently opened a start-up and have a few employees, you will have limited resources, which might lead you to think about why you require HR when you can recruit and manage your employees.

Though, it is possible to source the internet, read the Employment Laws and remain updated to be legally compliant. However, while you undertake these tasks, you spend your precious time focusing on the non-essential tasks. Ensure that you are utilising your time while focusing your strengths in the right areas.

Hiring a Virtual HR Manager is more than recruiting and managing the employees. You need to maintain the exact compliance with a sole employee as you do with the others associated with your organisation. Ensure that you are maintaining employee relations, else things might go in the wrong direction quickly. 

Reasons Your Small Business Require Support from a Virtual HR Manager

Enlisted are the top three areas in which your Virtual HR Manager will assist you.

Employment law

Undoubtedly. It is easier for employees to have better access and more information than the employers. The internet has all the information that one can read in the right way and fits any situation. Disciplining your staff in a small team often creates a stressful working environment. Having an impartial outside resource to help your organisation with those processes takes off the pressure. A Virtual HR Manager always remains updated on the current procedures and policies and ensures that your organisation remains on the right side of the employment law. Employment Law, being a broad subject, covers all topics that are beyond your imagination. Besides, your HR Manager requires producing certain legal documents and ensures the completion of statutory training.


Undoubtedly, employing a candidate is the highest cost that your organisation has to bear and hence it is essential to hire the right candidate. Recruiting an employee is not easy. You need to write the job descriptions, advertise for openings, go through several resumes and conduct interviews. Hiring a Virtual HR Manager will make your work easier, as the professional has the experience and expertise to make the best recruitment for your firm.

Legal compliance

You might not have an updated contract of employment that protects your business. However, as an employer, you require to issue a contract of employment within the first couple of months of employment. When you hire a Virtual HR Manager, the expert will implement simple, cost-effective processes, which is an answer to your organisation's problems.

Why Choose Us?

We understand that human resource management emphasises enhancing the productivity of a workplace. Our HR services include:

  • Managing compensation structures
  • Promote training and development
  • Offering your organisation with the best recruitment
  • Organising your business and ensuring you are HR compliant

At Virtual PA London, we house skilled Virtual HR Managers capable of managing all HR-related tasks of your organisation, which is sure to maximise its success. We strive to optimise the effectiveness of our employees through our strategic management system.