What Is Virtual HR Manager, and How Do They Function?

June 3, 2022

An HR Manager plays a solid role in managing the overall function of a business organisation. They are in charge of recruiting new employees by interviewing and selecting them. Businesses nowadays also opt for Virtual HR Managers who perform the same tasks but at a lesser amount.

Human Resource Management focuses on increasing workplace productivity. Your Virtual HR Manager can manage their department very well and maintain your company's performance.

A Virtual HR Manager can make sure that employees perform their best and that their overall performance meets the requirements of the organisation. Virtual HR Managersgenerally work from home. In specific cases, employees can email or instant message the HR department with questions or schedule calls or video conferences.

Regular video conferences, email chains, and check-ins on instant messaging services can still help a Virtual HR Managerstay in touch with their department and the company's leadership and manage all the daily operations.

In-House HR Manager Vs Virtual HR Manager

Though both an in-house HR Manager and a Virtual HR Manager perform the same tasks, there are certain differences between the two.


The fundamental distinction between in-house and Virtual HR Managers is the location they function from. HR Managers often have their own office space in in-house departments, whereas a Virtual HR Manager works from home.


In the case of a Virtual HR Manager, the communication is entirely based on technology-backed tools such as phone calls, emails, instant managing systems, or even video calling options to communicate and discuss probable solutions to things happening within the organisation. 


HR in-house resources are only available during regular working hours, which may vary. Whereas a Virtual HR Manager is accessible any time of the day based on what requirements you have discussed while hiring them. 

How Does A Virtual HR Manager Utilise Technology In Daily Operations?

Just like any other business vertical, the HR department also relies on technology. Virtual HR Managers can use software and systems to do various kinds of jobs. Here is what a Virtual HR Manager can do.

  • Track employee performance effectively
  • Recruit candidates for the required job role
  • Store and manage official documents and data
  • Review employee performances

How A Virtual HR Manager Enhances Employee Engagement

A Virtual HR Manager performs many roles. However, among them all, the primary one is to manage the entire recruitment process and train them as per the company culture and prepare them to perform as they start working.

1. Recruitment

Hiring an experienced Virtual HR Manager may ensure a smooth recruitment process. Your HR Manager will assist you in all aspects of recruitment, including writing job descriptions, job advertisements, CV screening, interviewing candidates, checking references, and onboarding new candidates.

2. Training

Each organisation requires training new recruits in specialised development areas. Your Virtual HR Manager can manage the training process by handing over the job to the right department or professional and getting them ready to perform their job as they start working.

3. Compensation

A Virtual HR Manager looks after the compensation packages of employees. They manage everything from compensation structures, evaluating competitive pay, managing firm health insurance, and administering retirement money.


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